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St Nicholas’,


‘Held in God’s palm’ 

St Nicholas Church is situated in Holmpton village on  the Holderness east coast. The village is rather  unusual as it is rare for a place so  close to the sea  to have an abundance of trees.  The church of St.  Nicholas is a small Gothic building comprising  chancel, vestry, nave and tower containing one  bell. The church was restored in 1864 when the  cobble built walls of the chancel and nave were  plastered inside and faced outside with pinkish -  yellow brick and the roof raised about ten feet. The main stained glass window was presented by the  owners of Holmpton Hall in the 19th century.  The  church holds many community events including  the Harvest Festival service followed by the  Harvest Auction, Village Garden Parties and  regular Craft Sales. What motivates our small and faithful  congregation is that God makes a real difference to our lives, and He seems to be leading us on a very  exciting journey. Why don’t you come and share  that journey with us.
Coastal Benefice  
South Holderness
1 Church, 7 Locations
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Our Church Service is held at 8.30am on the 4th Sunday of every month. There is a single Benefice Service every 5th Sunday which is held at a different Benefice church each time.